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Short, feature-packed bullet point lists have far greater impact than lengthy descriptions. Best practices for bullet-pointed lists include:

  • Alphabetizing the list items
  • Avoiding complete sentences
  • Beginning each line with a consistent part of speech
  • Capitalizing the first letter of each line
  • Following the introduction with a colon
  • Introducing each list with a grammatically-correct sentence
  • Leaving out end punctuation, except for questions


The Hilton Honors app lets you take control of your stay with features like:

  • Digital check-in
  • Digital Key
  • High-resolution visual search results
  • An optimized booking process

For launch notifications and update announcements, a check icon is often brighter and more positive than the standard bullet, but may require special formatting. Speak with a designer or developer before using this:

✓ Change or cancel upcoming reservations
✓ Check past stays and receipts
✓ Redeem Hilton Honors Points for Reward Stays
✓ Pre-order room amenities such as food, drinks and extra pillows

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