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Branding services & features

Many services and features we create for the Web and mobile devices are not fully branded (if at all) in guest-facing contexts. While we may refer to them by proper names while working on or talking about them among ourselves, customers may not notice how significant...Read More

England, the UK, & Britain

The United Kingdom consists of four separate countries: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Abbreviate it as “the UK.” The history, geography, and government of the United Kingdom have led to a handful of terms that may be confusing. Be mindful...Read More

Bullet points

Short, feature-packed bullet point lists have far greater impact than lengthy descriptions. Best practices for bullet-pointed lists include: Alphabetizing the list items Avoiding complete sentences Beginning each line with a consistent part of speech Capitalizing the...Read More


Use “king-sized,” “queen-sized” and “double beds.” Please note the hyphen and use of “sized” rather than “size.” Don’t use “bedded,” as in “double-bedded room.”...Read More

Bath amenities

Hotel rooms often have branded bath amenities (e.g. Crabtree & Evelyn). Because these partnerships change regularly, it’s best to refer to them sparingly. brands, Partners,...Read More

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