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Check out, checkout, & check-out

“Check out” (without a hyphen) is a verb. It’s what you do at check-out. “Check-out” (with a hyphen) is a noun. It’s the act of checking out of the hotel, or the time when you check out. “Checkout” is the cash register or the web page on which you pay for the room...Read More

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®

Always capitalize as “The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®.” To type the registered trademark symbol (®) on a Mac, type option-r. The Windows shortcode is Alt-0174. But it’s probably easier to copy from a web search. See Also Brands & partners Third...Read More

Free & complimentary

“Free” is more natural and impactful than “Complimentary,” but the terms are synonymous and can be used interchangeably. However, nothing should be described as “free” unless it truly is being offered without charge for the offered item. A similar consideration...Read More

Coordinate & coordinator

Use “coordinator” as one word. Avoid “co-ordinator” or “co ordinator.” Example Our wedding coordinator will ensure your day goes without a hitch....Read More

Contemporary & modern

Overused and misused. Contemporary is not synonymous with modern. When used to mean modern, it carries a negative connotation of blandness. It simply means “from the same time frame.” Example Set in the converted 17th-century residences of Amsterdam’s Grand Merchants,...Read More

Complementary & complimentary

The word “complementary” describes things that complete or enhance one another. “Complimentary,“ on the other hand, is a synonym of “free,“ which also means “expressing praise or admiration.” Examples Chef Heinz Beck is renowned for pairing complementary flavors....Read More

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