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Coffee maker

Not “coffeemaker” or “coffee-maker.” Please check with Legal or see brand name requirements before using brand names like Bodum, Mr. Coffee, or Keurig. See also Bath amenities Hair dryer Third party trademarks...Read More


Imagine a child’s red balloon. It fills up space, though it contains only air. Clichés are balloons. Even when they’re pretty, they’re empty. Avoid words and phrases so overused that they have no weight. Don’t take up unnecessary space. If you’re using phrases like...Read More

Check in, checkin & check-in

“Check-in” (with a hyphen) is a noun. It’s the place or time you check in, whether online or in the real world. “Check in” (without a hyphen) is a verb. It’s what you do at check-in. Avoid “checkin” as one word. Example Our app...Read More

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