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Place names & directions

Use capital letters for official place names like North Carolina and South Africa and commonly-recognized regions like Midlands or the American South, but lower case for general areas defined by compass points, such as the north, the southeast and the southwest. In UK...Read More

Discreet & discrete

Be careful to use the correct word. “Discreet” describes something delicate and unobtrusive. “Discrete” describes something separate and distinct. Examples Housekeeping is efficient and discreet. The Waldorf Towers is discrete from the Waldorf Astoria New York....Read More


US: use inches and feet. International: use centimeter and meter. Tips Avoid abbreviating “meter,” “minute,” or “mile,” as these can all be easily be confused by users and screen readers alike. Televisions are described in inches,...Read More

Digital Key

Always capitalize “Digital Key,” as it is officially branded (and promoted) as such. Refer to it as a service before the guest requests it (e.g., “We’ll deliver Digital Key to your device”), and as a product after the guest has activated it (e.g., “Use your...Read More

Digital Check-In

Always hyphenated, as “check-in” is a noun modified by “digital.” Capitalize all three words when written out. It’s best, however, to mention this service as its benefit. Example Avoid: Digital Check-In is a convenient way to check in to...Read More

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