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TV, HDTV, flatscreen, UHD, & 4K

Does anyone even make CRT TVs anymore? You don’t have to specify that rooms have high-definition flatscreen TVs. You can just say “TV.” If you absolutely must clarify that guests won’t be watching a CRT TV, “HDTV” is preferable to “Flatscreen TV,”...Read More

Front desk

This is not a branded location. Every hotel has a front desk.  Example Avoid: Stop by the Front Desk. Try: Stop by the front desk....Read More

Free & complimentary

“Free” is more natural and impactful than “Complimentary,” but the terms are synonymous and can be used interchangeably. However, nothing should be described as “free” unless it truly is being offered without charge for the offered item. A similar consideration...Read More

Foreign words

Including accents on foreign words is a nice touch, if only because it gives your sentences a prettier contour. That said, it’s not necessary to do so with borrowed words like a la carte, cafe, decor, jalapeno, and fiancee, which have become part of the English...Read More

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