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TV, HDTV, flatscreen, UHD, & 4K

Does anyone even make CRT TVs anymore? You don’t have to specify that rooms have high-definition flatscreen TVs. You can just say “TV.” If you absolutely must clarify that guests won’t be watching a CRT TV, “HDTV” is preferable to “Flatscreen TV,”...Read More


Use to connect two closely related words to make an adjective but not an adverb. Don’t use a hyphen after an adverb ending in -ly. Hyphens are needed with short and common adjectives. Example Freshly baked Much-loved destination Recently updated Well-cooked meal See...Read More

Hotel names

Take care to write the property name correctly. Don’t use “the” before a hotel name unless it’s part of the property’s official name, in which case, it’s capitalized. Example The Drake Hotel branding,brands,capitalization,partners,usage See also Brands &...Read More

Hilton Honors tiers

Capitalize “Hilton Honors” but not “tiers.” Example We’re getting your 2018 Hilton Honors tier tracker ready. We’ll have it updated shortly. See also Brands & partners Hilton Honors Hilton Honors app Hilton Honors members Hilton Honors Points...Read More

Hilton Honors Points

Always capitalize “Hilton Honors Points” and “Points.” It’s preferred to write “Hilton Honors Points” on first usage, but if space is limited, follow your gut. If “Points” makes sense in context, use it as an alternative to the full phrase. Example...Read More

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