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Alphabetize lists (both inline and as bullet points) unless brand guidelines stipulate a particular order. Example Offer available in Hilton Worldwide hotels in Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, and Spain. See also Bullet points Oxford comma Semicolons in series...Read More

Links & anchor text

Use concise, informative anchor text instead of generic text like “Click here” or “Download.” Describe the target site or document succinctly so that users (and search engines) understand exactly where the link is pointed. This is particularly important for mobile...Read More

Large numbers

Large numbers can be difficult to understand. Keep them simple, and round them where possible. Use your judgment for what’s best in a given situation, but as a rule of thumb: 1 – 30: do not round 30 – 100: round to the nearest five 100 – 150: round to the nearest 10...Read More

Legalese & Terms & Conditions

Relegate mundane information to less visible places on-page. Links and lightbox pop-ups represent an elegant and user-friendly way to display lengthy terms and conditions or extensive legalese. See also Alcohol Brands & partners Free & complimentary Third...Read More

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