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Numbers & numerals

Spell out numbers less than ten in body copy. Ten and above get numerals, unless they’re the first word in a sentence. Ordinal numbers (e.g. “first,” “31st”) follow the same rule. However, always use numerals when writing: Dates Dimensions Percentages Price Sums of...Read More

No thanks

Though this polite form of “no” is short for “No, but thank you for asking,” “no thanks” does not take a comma. Do not use “no, thanks.” In call-to-action buttons, use the shorter “no.”...Read More


Avoid words like “new” or “recent” to describe products, services, or developments – they quickly grow out-of-date. Instead, refer to when the subject was introduced. Example Avoid: Visit Native by Nick Nairn, our new restaurant at Hilton Garden Inn Aberdeen City...Read More

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