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SEO keywords

Our users – not Google – are the priority. And they are Google’s priority. Search engines live and die by giving users what they want. They spend millions trying to understand what a person means – not just what they type. Optimize for users, and you’ll optimize...Read More

Semicolons as conjunctions

Semicolons are most often used in place of a conjunction in compound sentences. They demonstrate a close relationship between two independent clauses that could stand on their own. However, as Kurt Vonnegut said, “Semicolons represent nothing. All they do is...Read More

Area & square footage

Begin with the Imperial measurement, followed by the metric. Imperial: square feet (abbreviated as “sq. ft.”) Metric: square meters (abbreviated as “sq. m.”) Example Stay in a 625 sq. ft. (58 sq. m.) King Bed Suite. See also Abbreviations &...Read More

Semicolons in series

Use semicolons instead of commas when the items are a series are particularly long; individual items in the series are set off by a commas and/or a conjunction; or when the items in your series are a series themselves. But when faced with this situation, It’s...Read More

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