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Third-party trademarks

Get permission before using trademarked brand names and images on our websites. If there’s an existing agreement between Hilton and the relevant third party regarding usage, contact the owner of the relationship between Hilton and the third party to confirm that we have permission to use the company’s intellectual property.

If there isn’t an existing agreement, seek permission from the third party before using trademarks. In many cases, they will simply wish to review and approve a screenshot of the proposed visual before it’s published. If you attempt to gain written permission to use a third party’s trademark, please contact the Legal department so that Hilton can try to obtain as broad usage rights as possible (in perpetuity, in all media, etc.).


Use these brand names exactly as they appear below:

  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®
  • OpenTable
  • TripAdvisor
  • YouTube


  • Don’t use any photographs, or images, names or likenesses without permission.
  • Don’t imply that the third party is in any way affiliated with Hilton in order to capitalize on the organization’s goodwill.
  • Never make false or inaccurate statements. For example, don’t claim that a hotel room has a Jacuzzi when actually it’s just a whirlpool bath.
  • Always use third-party trademarks in accordance with the third party’s instructions (e.g., proper usage of the ™ or ® symbol).


  • If you don’t have written permission to use a third-party trademark in our advertising, just use a generic term, e.g., “whirlpool” instead of “Jacuzzi®.”
  • Don’t use names, likenesses, or other aspects of anyone’s persona, whether living or dead, without the person or estate’s written permission.
  • Third-party trademarks may be used without permission to describe a location, e.g., The hotel is located near Universal Citywalk.
  • To type the registered trademark symbol (®) on a Mac, type option-r. The Windows shortcode is Alt-0174. But it’s probably easier to copy from a web search.