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Used discerningly, precise and effective adjectives empower the vigorous writer to paint a vivid picture of our hotels and products. Overdo staid and clichéd adjectives, however, and the same content will read like imprecise, insincere, and uninspiring marketing fluff.

Show our users what elegance and exclusive locations are. Don’t just tell them. We can quickly convey unique selling points when each word carries information. Tired superlatives waste users’ time.


Avoid: “Savor an artisanal caffeinated beverage.”
Try: “Have a coffee made by our expert baristas.”

Avoid: “Experience timeless elegance and warm hospitality at Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam, which brings the legendary Waldorf service to one of the most iconic, historic locations in Amsterdam.”
Try: “Stay at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam, situated in the heart of the Herengracht and home to the Michelin-starred De Librije restaurant and the luxurious Guerlain Spa.”

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