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Hilton Honors

“HHonors” has been retired. “Hilton Honors” is the new name. Do not shorten it to “Honors.” Always capitalize “HIlton Honors,” but do not capitalize any other modifiers, with few exceptions.

The Hilton Honors app

The app’s proper name is simply Hilton Honors. Do not capitalize “the” or “app.”

The app supports iOS and Android. “Our iOS app” and “our Android app” are acceptable but incomplete. Mind your context. “Our mobile app” and “our app” are increasingly acceptable, only acceptable, but keep in mind that there are still mobile OSes out there.

“The app” and “our app” are only acceptable after the first mention or within the app itself.

Hilton Honors Points

Always capitalize “Hilton Honors Points” and “Points.” It’s preferred to write “Hilton Honors Points” on first usage, but if space is limited, follow your gut. If “Points” is clear enough in context, it is the approved alternative to the full phrase.

Hilton Honors tiers

  • Member
    “Hilton Honors member”

  • Silver
    “Silver Hilton Honors member” or “Silver member”
  • Gold
    Gold Hilton Honors member” or “Gold member”
  • Diamond
    “Diamond Hilton Honors member” or “Diamond member”
  • Lifetime Diamond
    “Lifetime Diamond Hilton Honors member” or “Lifetime Diamond member”