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Tone of voice

We save our bombastic verbal tours-de-force for off hours. On the clock, we strive to create a consistent reading experience across our properties.

To do this, we keep the following ideals in mind when creating content for Hilton properties:


Our customers prefer a natural conversation to a formal dialogue. Avoid jargon, industry-specific phrases, and our own internal terms. Keep it relaxed, but don’t appear contrived or devolve into slang or text message style.

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Imagine yourself as the user. Think of the type of language you’d expect and how you’d react. Personalize the language to create a sense of easy-going dialogue. Rather than issue a series of cold commands, invite the user to participate.

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Use active, optimistic language. Avoid negative words even if the key message is positive (e.g. “No better hotel app available”) as this may subliminally influence readers, especially on a quick skim-read.

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Why use ten words when five will suffice? Web users – particularly on mobile devices – tend to scan content, rather than read it. Every letter counts. Put as much information as you can into the smallest space you can.

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