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Design style guide


We use UI animations to indicate change, soften cuts, and express our brands.

Brand Guidelines

Our brand has a vibrant, bold presence that gives our name more meaning and builds equity—adding weight and unified action to everything we do. Our identity has an opportunity to reflect the power and meaning of our name.


Color is an extremely purposeful branding tool. It crosses language barriers to become the most powerful symbol of brand consistency. To promote global recognition of our Enterprise Brand and Hilton Honors, we use cohesive, consistent and ownable brand colors.


We have a wide set of icons to choose from. If you need to create a new one, they should follow the style indicated here.


Imagery should be bright, clear and good quality. Lighting should look natural, not high contrast or with other effects. Avoid images that look like stock photos, and images that are posed, with the subject is looking at the camera.


Our primary fonts for headlines and titles is Loew and our handwritten font, Simple Joys. They combine to express aspects of our personality: bold, confident and heartfelt. Only use Simple Joys for headlines. Set in title case or sentence case. It can appear by itself or with Loew Black, and should be limited to very few words in a headline.