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Our photography should create a captivating picture of who we are, making all of our communications more compelling. The images we choose – modern, vibrant and fresh – make a dramatic difference in the impact of our brand. We carefully select images that reflect our brand’s subject matter, and should never settle for subpar imagery.


  • Emotionally evocative, inspiring and with a modern, fresh and vibrant look.
  • Reproduce images in natural colors, infused with the colors of travel. Photos should never be never dark or moody.
  • Use a variety of formats, including extreme verticals and horizontals for advertising media and online.
  • For people, images should be shot in authentic, genuine situations rather than staged or posed, with natural facial expressions, body language and interactions.
  • We are a diverse organization, and the people in our images should reflect this.
  • For travel and destinations, shpot from an unusual or unexpected perspective.

Best Practices

We use photographs consistently and properly to ensure we are representing one unified brand image. Using images that don’t adhere to these brand guidelines erodes our brand equity.

  • Never have subjects looking into the camera for interactions and moments. (Corporate shots and headshots are OK).
  • NEVER choose images that are obviously stock.


Consistent and proper composition is important to establish brand consistency for our Hilton and Hilton Honors brands.

  • Position the main subject
    Position the main subject to draw attention to a more creative sport within the picture lines.
  • Shift perspective
    Move the main subject to the left or right side of the frame. This will bring more attention to the subject and will also allow for content to be positioned on the opposite side.

Additional Mobile Guidelines