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Our primary typefaces communicate our personality: bold, confident, and heartfelt. At the enterprise level, those typefaces are Loew, Proxima Nova, and Simple Joys.

Each brand builds on the enterprise’s basic style and adds its own typographic identity.

Hilton (enterprise) fonts

When designing enterprise-level media, use Loew for:

  • Headings, subheadings, and terms and conditions (T&Cs)
  • Headlines, when set in uppercase
  • Paired with with body text in Proxima Nova
  • Paired with Simple Joys in a two-line tagline or headline

Proxima Nova is our primary alternative to Loew in enterprise-branded media.

Use Proxima Nova for:

  • Body copy, in regular or light weights
  • Sub-headings, using bold or extra bold weights

Please note that body text should be no smaller than 16px.

Because script typefaces can be difficult to read, we use Simple Joys sparingly, primarily in short headlines, titles, and taglines for enterprised-branded media.

Simple Joys is one of our main fonts for headlines and titles. It can be used:

  • In title case, sentence case, or lowercase – never in uppercase
  • By itself or in conjunction with Loew Black
  • One or two words at a time – up to 12 characters.

Hilton Honors

Note: Hilton Honors, as the public-facing brand that spans the entire enterprise, uses the same typography as the enterprise.

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