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Avoid words like “new” or “recent” to describe products, services, or developments – they quickly grow out-of-date. Instead, refer to when the subject was introduced. Example Avoid: Visit Native by Nick Nairn, our new restaurant at Hilton Garden Inn Aberdeen City...Read More


Use to connect two closely related words to make an adjective but not an adverb. Don’t use a hyphen after an adverb ending in -ly. Hyphens are needed with short and common adjectives. Example Freshly baked Much-loved destination Recently updated Well-cooked meal See...Read More


Used discerningly, precise and effective adjectives empower the vigorous writer to paint a vivid picture of our hotels and products. Overdo staid and clichéd adjectives, however, and the same content will read like imprecise, insincere, and uninspiring marketing...Read More

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