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Key card & keycard

A card that functions as a key is called a “keycard.” Use as one word, not two. Example Stop by the front desk to get an extra keycard....Read More


When describing a room’s view, always use two words. Do not hyphenate. For example: Beach view City view Ocean view Resort view Sea view...Read More

TV, HDTV, flatscreen, UHD, & 4K

Does anyone even make CRT TVs anymore? You don’t have to specify that rooms have high-definition flatscreen TVs. You can just say “TV.” If you absolutely must clarify that guests won’t be watching a CRT TV, “HDTV” is preferable to “Flatscreen TV,”...Read More

Hair dryer

Not “hairdryer” or “hair-dryer.” See also Bath amenities Coffee maker...Read More

Coffee maker

Not “coffeemaker” or “coffee-maker.” Please check with Legal or see brand name requirements before using brand names like Bodum, Mr. Coffee, or Keurig. See also Bath amenities Hair dryer Third party trademarks...Read More

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