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Contents: Capitalization is a subtle but effective way to convey our tone. Different styles leave users with different impressions of who we are, and while consistent capitalization does little to put our users at ease, inconsistency gets registered as a lack of...Read More

Branding services & features

Many services and features we create for the Web and mobile devices are not fully branded (if at all) in guest-facing contexts. While we may refer to them by proper names while working on or talking about them among ourselves, customers may not notice how significant...Read More

Place names & directions

Use capital letters for official place names like North Carolina and South Africa and commonly-recognized regions like Midlands or the American South, but lower case for general areas defined by compass points, such as the north, the southeast and the southwest. In UK...Read More

OK, O.K., & okay

The origins of “OK” as a term are murky at best, but the consensus is that it’s an acronym that’s become a word unto itself. “OK” is OK. “Okay” is not. Nor is “O.K.” See also Abbreviations & acronyms...Read More

Hotel names

Take care to write the property name correctly. Don’t use “the” before a hotel name unless it’s part of the property’s official name, in which case, it’s capitalized. Example The Drake Hotel branding,brands,capitalization,partners,usage See also Brands &...Read More

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