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Please see our time and date entry for updated and expanded guidance. See also Area & square footage Dates Dimensions Numbers & numerals Temperature Time...Read More

Units of measurement

For an international audience, use both imperial and metric standards. Use the local preference with the secondary in brackets. If you need help converting between metric and non-metric units, just use Google – conversion tools are baked right into their services....Read More

Phone numbers

Always include “+” and the country code. For US numbers, we use the standard “+1 (XXX) XXX-XXXX” format. For UK numbers, we use the standard “+44 XXX XXXX XXXX format. For other international numbers, please use E.164 formatting, so that...Read More

Check out, checkout, & check-out

“Check out” (without a hyphen) is a verb. It’s what you do at check-out. “Check-out” (with a hyphen) is a noun. It’s the act of checking out of the hotel, or the time when you check out. “Checkout” is the cash register or the web page on which you pay for the room...Read More

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