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Check out, checkout, & check-out

“Check out” (without a hyphen) is a verb. It’s what you do at check-out. “Check-out” (with a hyphen) is a noun. It’s the act of checking out of the hotel, or the time when you check out. “Checkout” is the cash register or the web page on which you pay for the room...Read More

Key card & keycard

A card that functions as a key is called a “keycard.” Use as one word, not two. Example Stop by the front desk to get an extra keycard....Read More


When describing a room’s view, always use two words. Do not hyphenate. For example: Beach view City view Ocean view Resort view Sea view...Read More

TV, HDTV, flatscreen, UHD, & 4K

Does anyone even make CRT TVs anymore? You don’t have to specify that rooms have high-definition flatscreen TVs. You can just say “TV.” If you absolutely must clarify that guests won’t be watching a CRT TV, “HDTV” is preferable to “Flatscreen TV,”...Read More

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