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Third-party trademarks

Always obtain permission before using trademarked words and images on our websites. Check if there’s an existing agreement between Hilton and the relevant third party regarding usage; e.g., Serta, Coca-Cola, or the US Olympic Committee. If an agreement exists: Contact...Read More

Free & complimentary

“Free” is more natural and impactful than “Complimentary,” but the terms are synonymous and can be used interchangeably. However, nothing should be described as “free” unless it truly is being offered without charge for the offered item. A similar consideration...Read More


No U.S. state permits the provision of free alcoholic beverages and many states regulate the advertising of alcohol. Some states permit alcohol to be provided as part of the rate (e.g., the room rate for Embassy Suites Hotels includes a Manager’s Evening Reception at...Read More

Legalese & Terms & Conditions

Relegate mundane information to less visible places on-page. Links and lightbox pop-ups represent an elegant and user-friendly way to display lengthy terms and conditions or extensive legalese. See also Alcohol Brands & partners Free & complimentary Third...Read More

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