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Numbers & numerals

Spell out numbers less than ten in body copy. Ten and above get numerals, unless they’re the first word in a sentence. Ordinal numbers (e.g. “first,” “31st”) follow the same rule. However, always use numerals when writing: Dates Dimensions Percentages Price Sums of...Read More


When referring to specific amounts of money, always use the relevant currency symbol, rather than spelling out “dollars,” “euros,” “pounds,” or whatever. When referring to the local unit of currency, spell out “dollar,”...Read More

Large numbers

Large numbers can be difficult to understand. Keep them simple, and round them where possible. Use your judgment for what’s best in a given situation, but as a rule of thumb: 1 – 30: do not round 30 – 100: round to the nearest five 100 – 150: round to the nearest 10...Read More

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