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Would’ve, could’ve, & should’ve

All three of these words are contractions. Spelled out, they are “would have,” “could have,” and “should have.” Do not spell them as “woulda,” “coulda,” “shoulda,” or “would of,”...Read More


If you spell out the number, spell out “percent.” If you use the numeral, use the symbol “%.” Examples Four percent 11% See also Numbers & numerals...Read More

Numbers & numerals

Spell out numbers less than ten in body copy. Ten and above get numerals, unless they’re the first word in a sentence. Ordinal numbers (e.g. “first,” “31st”) follow the same rule. However, always use numerals when writing: Dates Dimensions Percentages Price Sums of...Read More

Capital & capitol

“Capital” is a sum of money (usually used when talking about investment), an uppercase letter, or a seat of government. “Capitol” is a building housing said government’s legislative body. commonly misused words,...Read More

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