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SEO keywords

Our users – not Google – are the priority. And they are Google’s priority. Search engines live and die by giving users what they want. They spend millions trying to understand what a person means – not just what they type. Optimize for users, and you’ll optimize...Read More


Trying to speak directly to your users? Questions are a great way to do that and convey a personable, casual tone. However, be careful to avoid posing questions a user could easily answer negatively (if in their heads), especially when it regards to our offerings....Read More

Large numbers

Large numbers can be difficult to understand. Keep them simple, and round them where possible. Use your judgment for what’s best in a given situation, but as a rule of thumb: 1 – 30: do not round 30 – 100: round to the nearest five 100 – 150: round to the nearest 10...Read More

Foreign words

Including accents on foreign words is a nice touch, if only because it gives your sentences a prettier contour. That said, it’s not necessary to do so with borrowed words like a la carte, cafe, decor, jalapeno, and fiancee, which have become part of the English...Read More

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