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Concise tone

Why use ten words when five will suffice? Web users – particularly on mobile devices – tend to scan content, rather than read it. They simply don’t have the time to witness the breadth of our vocabulary, so it’s important to be succinct. This applies to...Read More

User-focused tone

Imagine yourself as the guest. Think of the type of language you’d expect and how you’d react. Personalize the language to create a sense of easy-going dialogue. Don’t issue cold commands; welcome them to participate. If you list features, talk about how...Read More

Postive tone

Use active, optimistic language. Avoid negative words even if the key message is positive (e.g. “No better hotel app available”) as this may subliminally influence readers, especially on a quick skim-read. For exampleAvoid: Not just a place to sleep…It’s a place...Read More

Conversational tone

We want booking our rooms to feel positive. Let’s inject some fun and light-heartedness into our tone. Let’s not replace content with comedy. Our customers prefer a natural conversation to a formal dialogue. Avoid jargon, industry-specific phrases, and our own...Read More

SEO keywords

Our users – not Google – are the priority. And they are Google’s priority. Search engines live and die by giving users what they want. They spend millions trying to understand what a person means – not just what they type. Optimize for users, and you’ll optimize...Read More

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