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No thanks

Though this polite form of “no” is short for “No, but thank you for asking,” “no thanks” does not take a comma. Do not use “no, thanks.” In call-to-action buttons, use the shorter “no.”...Read More


Imagine a child’s red balloon. It fills up space, though it contains only air. Clichés are balloons. Even when they’re pretty, they’re empty. Avoid words and phrases so overused that they have no weight. Don’t take up unnecessary space. If you’re using phrases like...Read More


Used discerningly, precise and effective adjectives empower the vigorous writer to paint a vivid picture of our hotels and products. Overdo staid and clichéd adjectives, however, and the same content will read like imprecise, insincere, and uninspiring marketing...Read More

Redundant Words

In order to keep things flowing fluidly and concisely, to save users’ time and energy, and screen real estate, avoid redundant words and empty phrasing, like: “also,” “that”, “very,” “both,” “but,...Read More

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