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England, the UK, & Britain

The United Kingdom consists of four separate countries: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Abbreviate it as “the UK.” The history, geography, and government of the United Kingdom have led to a handful of terms that may be confusing. Be mindful...Read More


Trying to speak directly to your users? Questions are a great way to do that and convey a personable, casual tone. However, be careful to avoid posing questions a user could easily answer negatively (if in their heads), especially when it regards to our offerings....Read More

Place names & directions

Use capital letters for official place names like North Carolina and South Africa and commonly-recognized regions like Midlands or the American South, but lower case for general areas defined by compass points, such as the north, the southeast and the southwest. In UK...Read More


If you spell out the number, spell out “percent.” If you use the numeral, use the symbol “%.” Examples Four percent 11% See also Numbers & numerals...Read More

Oxford comma

Sometimes called the serial comma. We recommend using the Oxford comma in a series of three or more terms with a single conjunction. Use a comma after the first item and in front of the conjunction: To avoid confusion, use a comma if an item in the series requires a...Read More

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