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Contents: Text labels that appear when a user hovers on, focuses on, or touches an element. Tooltips usually contain brief helper text about an element. Use Popover instead if you need to include actionable elements or longer content Download UI Kit Guidelines  ...Read More


Contents: A masthead is a header and a hero image or carousel grouped together. The masthead is usually the first thing the user sees when they visit a webpage. Download UI Kit Guidelines   Use crisp, high-resolution images for the hero images in a masthead....Read More

Widows & orphans

Where possible, ensure that your final word won’t sit by itself on a new line. Know, also, that we can’t always control for this, especially when our content adjusts to different screen sizes. Tip Pay attention to how your words will be presented. If your...Read More

Branding services & features

Many services and features we create for the Web and mobile devices are not fully branded (if at all) in guest-facing contexts. While we may refer to them by proper names while working on or talking about them among ourselves, customers may not notice how significant...Read More

SEO keywords

Our users – not Google – are the priority. And they are Google’s priority. Search engines live and die by giving users what they want. They spend millions trying to understand what a person means – not just what they type. Optimize for users, and you’ll optimize...Read More

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