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Always obtain permission before using trademarked words and images on our websites. Check if there’s an existing agreement between Hilton and the relevant third party regarding usage; e.g., Serta, Coca-Cola, or the US Olympic Committee.
If an agreement exists: Contact the owner of the relationship between Hilton and the third party to confirm that we have permission to use the company’s intellectual property.

If no existing agreement exists: Seek permission from the third party before using trademarks. In many cases, they will simply wish to review and approve a screenshot of the proposed visual before it’s published. If you attempt to gain written permission to use a third party’s trademark please contact the Legal department so that Hilton can try to obtain as broad usage rights as possible (in perpetuity, in all media, etc.).


Important reminders

  • Don’t use any photographs, or images, names or likenesses without permission.
  • Don’t imply that the third party is in any way affiliated with Hilton in order to capitalize on the organization’s goodwill.
  • Never make false or inaccurate statements. For example, don’t claim that a hotel room has a Jacuzzi when actually it’s just a whirlpool bath.
  • Always use third-party trademarks in accordance with the third party’s instructions (e.g., proper usage of the ™ or ® symbol).


  • Be sure to use third-party trademarks in accordance with the third party’s instructions (i.e., proper usage of the ™ or ® symbol).
  • If you do not have written permission from the third party owner of a trademark to use their trademark in our advertising, substitute the trademark for the generic term. For example, substitute “whirlpool” for “Jacuzzi®,” which is a registered trademark of a third party.
  • You may not use any names, likenesses, or other aspects of the persona of any persons, whether living or dead, without the person or estate’s written permission.
  • Third party trademarks may be used in descriptions as a geographic locator without obtaining permission. (e.g., The hotel is located near Universal Citywalk).
  • To type the registered trademark symbol (®) on a Mac, type option-r. The Windows shortcode is Alt-0174. But it’s probably easier to copy from a web search.


Use these brand names exactly as they appear below:

  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®
  • OpenTable
  • TripAdvisor
  • YouTube