Refine By

Does anyone even make CRT TVs anymore? You don’t have to specify that rooms have high-definition flatscreen TVs. You can just say “TV.” If you absolutely must clarify that guests won’t be watching a CRT TV, “HDTV” is preferable to “Flatscreen TV,” “LCD TV,” or other variants.

Generally, leave most descriptions of TVs for the store showroom.

TV size is relevant to many of our users. Imperial measurements are commonly used to sell TVs, even internationally. Present that as “55-inch TV.”

Smart TVs should not be branded, unless you can ensure you’re meeting those brands’ trademark standards. Present them as “smart TVs.”

Other cases that occasionally (though only rarely) merit specification include:

  • High Dynamic Range: use “HDR TV.”
  • Ultra-High Definition, UHD, or 4K: Use “4K TV.”