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  • Footers are the content sections found at the very bottom of pages.
  • Like headers, footers are persistent across all pages of a website.
  • They usually contain information and navigation options that users find helpful.



  • Ensure the elements placed in a footer meet contrast ratio guidelines for legibility.
  • Use any of the following elements in a footer:
    • Brand logo(s)
    • Contact information
    • Copyright
    • CTAs
    • Email sign up form
    • Links to map, directions, sitemap, privacy policy, terms and conditions, press, awards, certifications, association memberships
    • Recent blog posts
    • Site nav
    • Social media icons/widgets
    • Testimonials
  • Ensure the footer sticks to the bottom of the page and does not scroll past content.
  • Keep it simple and easy to scan.

Make it clear what is and what is not a link.



Code the navigation so that pressing the tab key moves focus from link to link in the navigation, even when the navigation has collapsed into an accordion.

As you use and customize this element, ensure it continues to follow the Accessibility 101 guidelines.

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