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  • Grids are an alternative way of presenting a list or collection of cards.
  • They consist of columns and rows of content arrayed in a repeatable pattern.
  • Grids are optimized for visual comprehension, while lists are preferred for reading comprehension.



  • Use a grid for an array of similar data types such as images or tiles.
  • If the text in the cells of a grid need to be prominent, use a list or cards instead.
  • Ensure the main distinguishing feature between cells in a grid is a primary element, such as an image.
  • Secondary elements can be a CTA, icon, or text.
  • Ensure compositional consistency across cells in a grid.
  • Order grid content in a logical and expected fashion.
  • Common sorting criteria are by date, alphabetical order, and price.

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As you use and customize this element, ensure it continues to follow the Accessibility 101 guidelines.

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