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  • Maps are used to tell the user where something is (you know, like a hotel or a floorplan).
  • They are used to present geographical data.
  • Relevant entities on a map are usually marked with pins or markers that can be touched or clicked to reveal more information.



  • Use maps meaningfully.
  • Maps work best when the user needs to see proximity between two or more locations.
  • Avoid showing maps that cover too wide of a geographical area, as the map’s contents will be too zoomed out to be legible to the user.
  • Ensure maps support native gestures on mobile such as pinch, zoom, or pan.
  • Avoid introducing unfamiliar gestures or interaction patterns.
  • Disable zoom by default so that the map doesn’t move as the user scrolls within a view.
  • Enable zoom after the user clicks or touches a map.
  • Consider providing zoom controls on maps.
  • Avoid unusual or hard to identify styles for pins and markers.
  • Keep it familiar for users.





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