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  • A masthead is a header and a hero image or carousel grouped together.
  • The masthead is usually the first thing the user sees when they visit a webpage.



  • Use crisp, high-resolution images for the hero images in a masthead.
  • Ensure text and CTAs overlaying a masthead are legible and have at the right contrast ratios per the AA guidelines.
    • 4.5:1 for small text
    • 3:1 for large text (18px and above)
    • Use resources such as this Colour Contrast Checker to verify the contrast ratios.
    • Consider using an image overlay filter to enhance legibility.
  • Ensure the hero image fits within the viewport on page load.

When using a carousel in the masthead, be sure to observe standard carousel best practices.

  • Keep text and CTA positions constant across slides in a masthead carousel.



As you use and customize this element, ensure it continues to follow the Accessibility 101 guidelines.

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