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Form elements

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Choosing the right element

For making text entry

  • Use text fields for single line entries, such as location, email address, and phone number.
  • Use a text area for long form/multi-line entries such as comments.

For making a selection from a list

  • Use a dropdown field to allow the user to select only one option from a list of given choices.
  • Use a date picker to allow the user to select dates from a calendar fly-out.

For choosing between two states (yes/no)

  • Use radio buttons for choosing only one item out of two or more options

  • Use checkboxes or switches for toggling the true/false or on/off state of each item in a set of one or multiple items.

For increasing or decreasing the number of selected values.

For selecting from a range of values.

  • Use sliders to allow the user to set a range of values.


Used in:

  • Booking Flow
  • Widgets
  • Customer Support and Contact Forms
  • Honors Account

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