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Radio buttons

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Radio buttons:

  • Allow options to be displayed together when only one is available
  • Allow users to select a single option



  • Use a radio button when the user has to select only one option out of many.
  • Use a radio button to allow the user to compare options side by side.
  • Ensure both the radio button and its label are clickable.
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  • Radio buttons must be circular.





  • Each radio button must have visible focus (may vary by browser) when reached by the keyboard.
  • Label each radio button properly and be sure the label is announced by screen readers.
  • Screen readers must announce the selected/deselected┬ástate of a radio button.
  • Use fieldset and legend attributes to group related radio buttons if multiple sets are used on the same page.
  • Use radio buttons only when only one option from a list can be selected.
  • Users must be able to reach and select every radio button using only the keyboard.

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