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System feedback

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  • These are patterns for communicating with the user after they complete an action.
  • System feedback is generally an error state
  • These patterns typically require a user to take action to remedy the situation or proceed with a task.

Feedback Patterns


  • Alerts are for warning the user about a change in state.
  • Unlike error messages, alerts can be bypassed.


  • Requiring the user to acknowledge an action helps alleviate uncertainty, and reduces the incidences of costly user errors.
  • Focus users’ attention and allow them to acknowledge a problem and correct it quickly.
  • Use as confirmation to verify an action before proceeding.


  • Error messages tell the user that something went wrong when they were filling out a form.
  • Error messages appear when a transaction is stalled, and they disappear once the error is fixed.

Info Modal

  • Use info modals to get confirmation from the user.


  • Use an interstitial to present the user with an intermediate step before their transaction proceeds.

Progress & Activity

  • Use progress bars and activity indicators to inform the user of the status of a task.
  • Progress bars are ideal for tasks that have a specific number of steps it takes to complete.
  • Activity indicators are ideal for unquantifiable tasks, such as loading a page.

Snackbar & Toasts

  • Use snackbars to provide the user with brief feedback about an operation.
  • Snackbars and toasts are an Android pattern.

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